Microblading + Lash Extensions Combo Class

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In this course you will the art of Classic with an introduction to volume lash extensions and Microblading. This class covers everything you need to know to become a professional lash and Microblade Technician.

Join us for 1 day of beauty training.

See what is covered below.

For Eyelash Extensions.

  • Health and safety
  • Anatomy of the eye
  • Types of lash Curls, Thickness and Length
  • How to assess the correct extension to use
  • Speed Lashing Technique
  • Perfect graduation and Uniformity
  • How to lift the outer corner for that feline flick
  • How to create various Eyelash Styles like Cat, Kitten, Dolly, Round, Natural Styles
  • Understand Eyes Shapes such as Round, Asian, Close set and wide set eyes, deep set eyes and the best eyelash styles for them
  • Introduction to Volume lashes using multiple lashes

    For Microblading 

    • Anatomy of the skin
    • Types of skin
    • Health and Safety
    • Types of needles and their uses (Slant, curved, straight)
    • Types of needles to achieve fine line hair stroke and thick line hairstroke
    • How to create direction and transition with hairstrokes
    • Eyebrow shapes vs Face Shapes
    • 5 variation and patterns of hair strokes
    • Shading with Microneedling to create a seamless background
    • State laws regarding Microblading
    • Consultation forms and how to use them
    • Step by Step practice skin simulation from start to finish
    • What you will receive
    • Eyelash Extensions Training kit
    • Microblading Training Kit
    • Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate
    • Training Manuals for Lash Extensions and Microblading
    • Certification of completion for Microblading
    • Certificate of completion for Eyelash Extensions
    • Complete 3 case study for both Microblading and Eyelash Extensions and submit for grading to receive an additional certification. (Optional)

      Training on Mannequin for one day classes, Models not required.

      3 and 5 day sessions available with practice on models. Inquire below

      For more information about this class please call/text 714 468 5201 or send us an email oleandersproducts@gmail.com.

      Driving Directions sent upon within 24 hrs of registration

      Class time: 10am-10pm

      Get Insurance Coverage when you've completed this course