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Mainly used to disolve fat, 
hyaluronic acid or collagen shaping , through the use of hyaluronidase to restore the original


(1) Mix 3ml Normal Saline to 1 vial of hyaluronidase, and refrigerated for
later use.During each use,0.3ml dissolved enzyme was extracted with a 1ml syringe and Normal Saline was added to 1ml.It could disslove 1ml hyaluronic acid.

(2) Build the ompact of PPC treatment for fat evacuation :blend 2
ampoules PPC with 1 vial of liporase. LLD treatment for fat evacuation: For stomach fat:utilize 4-6 vials,blend 1ml NS with 1 vial
liporase. The patient should set down and infuse on the fat layer om a vertical bearing.Squeeze with finger for each 8-10cm and infuse
in a vertical bearing with 26G needle

(3) Hyaluronidase is combined with local anaesthetic to incres the diffusion of local anaesthetic. Subcutaneous injection: dissolve 1500 IU as hyaluronidase in 1ml Normal Saline injection and inject into the afftected area before starting subcutaneous
injection,or at the beginning of the injection into a tube.approximately 2cm above the injection needle.when administering 500-1000ml sap,1500 IU is appropriate. Subcutaneous or muscle injection: Dissolve 1500 IU Glutamate directly in the solution to be administered. Local Anesthetic: Dissolve in 1500 IU of Local Anesthetic injection.For ophthalmic use,a concentration of 15iu/ml is recommended
Extravasation:If diffusion occurs rather than topically,dissolve 1500IU of
L.pylori in 1ml water or Normal Saline solution and infiltrate the lesion as
soon as possible after vascular out flow . Hematoma: Dissolve 1500 IU in 1ml NS and infiltrate the affected area.