Fibroblast Training

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See what is covered below.

  • Theory: Anatomy of the skin
  • Theory: Health and Safety/ First Aid
  • Theory: Blood Borne Pathogen
  • Theory: Fitzpatrick Scale
  • Theory: Understanding body landmarks and contour
  • Theory: working with various body parts(eyes, neck, face, body)
  • Practical: step by step using Fibroblast Plasma pen for  Wrinkles, skin tightening
  • Theory: Contraindications to treatment.
  • Theory: Client consultation
  • Discussion: Marketing

    What you will receive

    • Practice kit (Fibroblast plasma pen with  needles, after care balm, )
    • Training Manual
    • Bloodborne Pathogen training
    • Certificate of completion for Fibroblast

    You are required to bring a model is required for this class for wrinkle treatment. 


    It is your responsibility to check in your state to see if you can practice or not. Before registering.


    Get Insurance Coverage when you've completed this course